Solas Surf


Delve into the heart of Sri Lanka

Solas is dedicated to creating a multi-dimensional travel experience for our guests. We take you beyond the island’s beautiful surf to introduce you to authentic sights and experiences that enrich and enhance your journey. Come with us as we connect you to the local community and showcase the signature colonial nostalgia of the South, the charming plantations of our world-class teas and the magnificent wildlife of its waters.

Galle Fort Tour

This UNESCO World Heritage site is located 30 minutes away. The Galle Fort is one of the best-preserved examples of Dutch colonial architecture, enclosed within high walls overlooking the sea. Colorful boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops are scattered along the cobblestoned streets as children play cricket on the grassy knoll below the outer walls.

Aerial view of the Galle Fort in Sri Lanka
Entrance of the Galle Fort in Sri Lanka

Tea and Plantations Tour

The family-owned Handunugoda estate is a 200-acre tea, rubber, cinnamon, pepper and coconut plantation located just 15 mins (5 KM) from the villa. Tour the plantation fields and tea factory and sample freshly brewed low country teas.

Hadurangala Tea estate in Sri Lanka
Hadurangala coconut estate in Sri Lanka

Mirissa Whale Watching Tour

Only 30 minutes away from our surf camp, Mirissa’s Dondra Point is one of the world’s most amazing destinations for whale and dolphin watching, being the closest point to the migratory patterns of whales as they follow the warmer ocean currents.

You can see Blue Whales, the earth’s largest animal, as well as Sperm and Killer Whales. Pods of blue dolphins race and leap into the air chasing the waves, as well as a variety of other marine dwellers, even sharks.

Mirissa Harbour offers several whale watching boat tours, and the November to April period is the best time to set sail in search of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.