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Find the diverse heritage of a rich and storied history

Experience the tastes and scenes of an ancient culture spanning two and half millennia. The Southern Coast is especially famous for the unspoilt serenity of its fishing villages, the old world charm of Sri Lanka’s colonial heritage sites and the gleaming Buddhist stupas steeped in the reverence of centuries.

Traditional Sri Lankan cuisine
Sri Lankan Cuisine

The cuisine of the South carries the richest flavours of the island. Learn our traditional culinary secrets and create yourself the authentic taste of a home cooked Sri Lankan recipe.

Traditional fishing technique in Sri Lanka called stilt fishing
Stilt Fishing

Stilt fishing is a favourite spectacle in Ahangama. This traditional fishing technique involves sitting with unmoving patience for hours upon high poles to catch the fish swarming in the shallows.

These masks are traditional artisanal craft in Sri Lanka
Traditional Masks

The famous kolam and devil masks are a traditional artisanal craft that offers a fascinating look at Sri Lanka’s ancient dance rituals.