Solas Surf

When to Visit

A different wave for every season

The best time to surf in Sri Lanka depends on skill level and preference. The climate and crowds ebb and flow with the monsoons but there are great wave conditions for beginners and intermediate learners during every surf season in Sri Lanka.

Winter season

These dry months are considered the high season, with cooler temperatures, ideal offshore winds and waves up to 2-6 feet in height. This is considered the high season. We have our own beach front and the surf is good in front of the villa for both beginners and intermediate levels. For more experienced surfers there is “The Rock”. We also know a few other spots around here which are less known and off the beaten track and will be a good change up during your week. The winter season is ideal for beginners or intermediate surfers

Summer season

The low season is slightly warmer with occasional monsoon rains, waves swelling between 2-8 feet with both onshore and off shore winds. The summer seasons are less crowded, and the waves are still great for beginners. Rain if any, is quite sporadic and does not typically go on all day. Most guests welcome the colder breeze and the soothing calm that follows.

Beginner surfer resting on the surf board
Male surfer taking a break in the middle of the sea

Shoulder seasons

(October/November & late April)
By mid-October offshore winds and the swells rise to between 4 – 8 feet. This inter-monsoonal period has occasional heavy rain but leaves the environs lush and cool. Most surfers say this is an excellent time to be here as its lush and green, not too hot, not so busy, and the surf is pumping.

In late April the waves begin to swell again between 2 to 8 feet but are uncrowded and unaffected by monsoons.

A child attempting to surf in the sea
Female surfer beginning to surf