Solas Surf

Ahangama Beach

The hidden gem of Sri Lanka’s South Coast

The Southwestern town of Ahangama is a hidden treasure, home to some of the best surf beaches in Sri Lanka. Uncrowded waves for every level of surfer can be found here, from beginners to experts, with ideal conditions for both long and shortboarding. Kabalana “The Rock” with its perfect A-frame breaks, is one of its most famous swells.


Quality Instructors and Small Group Size

Beaches in Sri Lanka conjure pictures of golden sand and warm waters and Ahangama is no different. Frequently featured in surf magazines and tropical photoshoots, the swells of Ahangama are widely considered among the best in Sri Lanka and Solas Surf is perfectly nestled along the coast with a private beach spanning 800M.

Surf spot Ahangama Sri Lanka
best surf beach Ahangama