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All your questions answered!

We have prepared a handy guide, collating all the potential questions you may have before booking your surfing adventure. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you require further information!

About Us

What is Solas Surf?
Solas Surf Sri Lanka is a unique surfing retreat set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most beautiful beach destinations. We offer our guests a departure from the conformity and monotony of everyday routines with fun physical surfing packages designed to empower and energize.
We are located on the Southwestern Coast, one of the island’s best surf spots; Ahangama beach. Here the surf conditions are ideal year-round with spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Ahangama is approximately 165 KM from the International Airport and 140 KM from Colombo. The Southern Highway ensures travel times of between 2 – 3 hours to reach the retreat.
Our villa is very peaceful and serene, spilling directly onto the beachfront. We offer plenty of privacy and opportunity to relax and reflect, with spacious rooms and lounges open to sea views, and lush private gardens. Join a yoga session on our Yoga deck, relax by the pool, swim in the ocean or play some beach volleyball in-between our scheduled activities.
Of course. Most of our guests are solo travellers and we come together as a team for all activities and excursions. The camp ambiance helps build new friendships and lasting memories with most guests making firm friends and staying in touch long after their stay has concluded. Solas is an especially safe and ideal place to stay for female guests travelling solo.
Most of our guests are aged between 20 and 40. However our retreat allows guests to embrace a fun-loving attitude and a spirit for adventure regardless of age.
Our surf camp, located in one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful, secluded surfs, offers affordable luxury accommodation fully equipped with all amenities and modern comforts. Our retreat is designed to provide optimal space for relaxation and the opportunity to connect with a like-minded community of travellers who are open to new experiences. Our staff of surf instructors and fitness professionals meet world-class standards. Our gourmet menu is sourced from home-grown seasonal organic food to assure farm to table freshness. All operations of our retreat are integrated into an overall objective of environmental sustainability.
Our Seasonality Explained
Winter season (December-April) These are the dry months of the year. The temperature is relatively cooler with clear skies, which is why this is the high season for surf. The average temperature ranges from 25-35 degrees.
Summer season (April-October) The lower season is gaining in popularity as waves are relatively uncrowded while still retaining great surf conditions. It is a bit warmer and wetter with occasional monsoon rains, but rains mostly take place in the late afternoon and are rarely continuous leaving the environs pleasantly cool and without interference for our outdoor activities. The temperatures remain at a high 30+ degrees.
Shoulder seasons (October/November & late April) The Shoulder Seasons are preferred by some as they tend to be comparatively cooler and less humid. November and October is the inter-monsoonal period with occasional heavy rains. Most surfers say this is an excellent time to be here as everything is lush and green, not too hot, not so busy, and the surf is exciting. In late April the bigger swells start to kick in again and are not affected by the monsoon.
Yes, we provide Wi-FI throughout the rooms, villa, garden and pool area. The Wi-Fi is reliable but there may be some drop outs, and slow service at peak hours
Yes, we supply towels for your room and towels for the swimming pool, but please bring your own beach towel.
Yes. Although we are in a quite secluded stretch of beach we have several cafes and shops in the area for you to explore the local cuisine. Near the villa there is Cafe Ceylon or Cantina providing reasonably priced options. There are also several cafes in Weligama (which is a 15-minute tuk tuk ride). If you are willing to commute a bit further, Galle Fort’s winding cobblestoned streets abound with shops and cafes to explore (30 mins by tuk tuk). Please ask our friendly staff for their favourite recommendations.
We are located about 30 minutes between two hospitals in Galle and Matara. The standard of medical care is good. For very minor issues we have a well-qualified English-fluent doctor nearby.
Our set arrival day is Sunday from 2.00pm, although arrivals are welcome throughout the day. There are no surf or fitness lessons on arrival day, and we encourage you to relax, explore the villa, garden and beach. Our staff will be happy to assist with any inquiries you have. Towards the end of the day we will all come together to introduce our team and offer some information regarding your stay.
Our set departure day is Sunday. We have activities in the morning and there will be plenty of time to prepare for your departure. The retreat packages conclude at 12 noon on the last day of the retreat. For late transfers, we offer access to a shower and changing room to freshen up and store your luggage until your transfer leaves.
Yes we are always open to working alongside talented and creative individuals with a passion for surfing and adventure. To apply, please send us your application and CV to and we will contact you accordingly. Even if we may not be currently hiring we can stay in touch for any future positions as new opportunities arise continuously.

Dining and Cuisine

What is the food like?
Solas aims to provide you with food that is healthy, fresh and delicious. Our food selection is sourced almost entirely locally and based on seasonal availability. Vegetables are harvested from our own farm and supplemented with produce from local farmers. All other food items are sourced from suppliers reputed for sustainable and ethical standards.
Daily breakfast and five dinners are included in the weekly package, which feature a mix of Sri Lankan must-try specialties and international dishes prepared in our in-house kitchen. If you choose to have lunch at Solas, the café menu provides an array of food and beverage options.
Yes, alcohol is allowed but you will have to source your own. We do not have a license to sell or serve. We simply ask our guests to drink responsibly and respect the staff and fellow guests.
We can cater to your particular dietary requirements. Please let us know when you book your package. But if you forget to notify us ahead of time we can still try our best to accommodate your needs once you arrive.

About Sri Lanka

Is Sri Lanka Safe?
The island is home to some of the friendliest people in the world. Sri Lanka has fielded safety related concerns over the years due to the Civil War which occurred between 1983 and 2009. However, since the war's end, there have been no travel advisory warnings and Sri Lanka is steadily building back its reputation as a beloved tourist destination.
However, it is good to exercise the same amount of caution as you would when travelling to any other unfamiliar area. Please pay attention to traffic and the local law and take due precautions to secure your belongings.
Almost all tourists visiting Sri Lanka for less than a month can get a Visa on Arrival. But it is easier if you do this online prior to your arrival as it speeds up your clearance at immigration. Please visit Your passport needs to have two free pages and must be valid for 6 months after your trip. If you are staying longer, it is best to apply for a 3-month visa from the Sri Lankan embassy in your home country.
Sri Lankan Rupees is the national currency. You will have access to plenty of ATMs and Exchange Facilities, including in the airport arrival hall. All major currencies are accepted for exchange.
If you wish to do any optional extra activities or go shopping while staying with us, there are plenty of ATMs that have access to global networks to withdraw in local currency. The closest is located 1km from the villa in Ahangama town. Almost all cafes, shops and restaurants accept VISA or Mastercard.
Most international networks work in Sri Lanka, but roaming charges will really add up if you are using your phone regularly. We recommend guests purchase a SIM card at the ‘arrivals’ hall at the airport (after you clear Immigration and Customs) which you can use during your stay in Sri Lanka. SIMs can be purchased locally too. Please check that your phone is unlocked and able to accept an alternate SIM card.
We have a strict policy that all guests must provide their own travel insurance and health insurance before attending our retreats. You should ensure that your insurance has the relevant cover for you to participate in water sports (surfing, swimming, stand up paddle boarding etc), hiking, fitness activities etc.
We recommend bringing plenty of light & loose-fitting clothing for comfort, and clothing that will shield you from the sun when participating in outdoor activities. We often go barefoot but recommend footwear such as durable trainers that can be worn for fitness activities on hot sand or hiking, as well as flip flops for down time. You may choose to wear a hat for sun protection and we advise either a high SPF sun cream or a good quality zinc oxide sunscreen.

Travel and Getting Around

Do you include flights as part of our packages?
Unfortunately we do not. Our guests arrive from a variety of countries and destinations so booking your flight is up to you. The good news is this allows you to find the best price and the times that fit your schedule.
If you have already booked your flight please add your arrival details to the booking form / special comments section of the booking engine. If you prefer to book your flight at a later stage, you can simply email us your arrival details and we will be happy to add those to your reservation.
It is most convenient to fly to Colombo Airport, Bandaranaike International Airport. From Colombo airport it’s about a 3-hour direct drive along a newly completed highway directly to our villa.
If you select and airport transfer , we are happy to collect you at the airport or your current location within Sri Lanka. Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport immediately as you exit the arrival terminal. If you are getting picked up from the requested hotel, please wait in the reception of your hotel and our driver will come and greet you there. Transfers are not included in our packages and will be billed separately.
Tuk-tuks (or three-wheelers) are used as a cheap and convenient way to get around, especially for short journeys. The tuk-tuks operating near the villa generally operate without meters, so you need to negotiate the price. You may ask our friendly staff for guidance on fares.

How do I book?

Where do I check the availability and prices?
Simply scroll to the top of our website and choose your arrival dates to check availability. All packages start on a Sunday and end on a Sunday.
You’ll enjoy a 7-day affordable luxury surf retreat that includes a beautiful beach front villa accommodation, daily activities and local fresh seasonal gourmet cuisine. Please visit our surfing packages section for the complete inclusions and exclusions of each package.
What you see if what you get. We offer optional excursions and experiences complementary to the primary package of seven days of breakfast and accommodation, five dinners and optional social events. Once a week we arrange visits to the Fortress Hotel for a local seafood buffet, which is billed separately and is optional.
Yes, we are happy to offer discounts for large groups. Please note our prices are seasonal with April to November cheaper than peak season. We also offer a discount for our previous guests (alumnae).
Our minimum stay is 7 days with set arrival and departure days. This is designed for you to receive the best possible surf and adventure experience with the same close group of fellow travellers. If you are to arrive after the check-in date or leave prior to the set check-out date, the weekly package price will remain the same.

The Surf

What is the Surf Like?
The surf directly in front of the villa is considered one of the best surf breaks in Sri Lanka. The swell to the right of the villa is known as Kabalana or the "The Rock" and is reputed to be one the best A-Frame reef breaks in Sri Lanka. Generally, it has good power, left and right with a fast ride of around 400m. It is a one of the spots for the pro-surf tour of Sri Lanka. “The Rock” is more of a short board wave, but just north of it is South Beach Point which is known for ideal Long Board conditions.
Our Surf Seasons Explained
Winter season (December-April) This time of the year has ideal offshore winds and waves in the 2 to 6 ft range. This is considered the high season in Sri Lanka and generally most surf spots on the island can get crowded. But don't worry, we have our own beach front and the surf is good in front of the villa for both beginners and intermediate surfers. For more experienced surfers there is “The Rock”. We also know a few other secret spots around here which are less known and off the beaten track and will be a good change up during your week. The winter season is ideal for beginners or intermediate surfers.
Summer season (April-October) This time of year still gets good swells with waves in the 2 to 8 ft range. The surf spot in front of the villa still gets onshore and some offshore winds, ideal for beginner surfers. This is considered low season, so most spots in our area have no crowd.
Shoulder seasons (October/November & late April) The winds usually change mid-October with the swells in the 4 to 8 ft range. This time of the year is ideal with big swells and offshore winds at all the spots in our area. November and October are the inter-monsoonal months with occasional heavy rains. Most surfers say this is an excellent time to be here its lush and green, not too hot, not so busy, and the surf is pumping. In late April the bigger swells start to kick in again and is not affected by the monsoon, It’s also a great period with few crowds and waves in the 2-8ft range. A great time for beginners and intermediates.
We offer lessons for both beginner and intermediate surfers. Every individual is unique; therefore, we divide our lessons into different levels:
This is the beginner level where we give you step by step tutorials on both the theory and practice of surfing. Surfing sessions are first focused on catching and riding easy white waves with video analysis at the villa afterward. At the end of the week you should be able to catch your first green wave, which is clear and high.
This is the intermediate level, for guests who have mastered the basics but wish to progress to deeper swells. We guide you to Ahangama’s excellent intermediate reefs and provide tailored advice and guidance to help you progress.
Yes of course. Everyone learns at different paces. However, we recommend you begin by mastering the basics before progressing, as this will ensure you have the skills to take on the challenges of the next level. Simply discuss the upgrade with your surf instructor and they will review your progress and make changes accordingly.
In order to provide the ultimate surfing experience we only offer our surf packages & lessons to people who stay with us.
We provide everything necessary for surfing, including surf boards and rash guards. All you need to bring are beach shorts or bikinis and a beach towel. We do also advise either a high SPF sun cream or a good quality zinc oxide sunscreen.
Water temperatures are pretty consistent at 27º-29º so you can surf in beach shorts all season long.