Solas Surf


A challenge for every level

Our professionals can help intermediate learners advance from easy reefs to deeper swells while seasoned surfers are guided to some of the best places to surf in Sri Lanka. We offer individually tailored advice to refine your technique, style and versatility, helping you set and rise to new challenges.

Intermediate is for:

This programme is designed for autonomous surfers who have good control of their surfboard and can change direction. Typically when you have surfed for many weeks or months you can handle and predict waves by yourself.

The aim will be to catch and ride the face of the green waves. This programme focuses on improving your consistency on the bottom and top turns, adjusting your stance and generating more speed.

Your confidence in your skill set will increase as the week progresses as you begin to learn how to make cutbacks. At this level, it is essential to understand more about surf etiquette as you are crossing the wave and may come across other surfers. You will also learn how to choose the right waves and boards to match your skillset.

Our seasoned instructors will give positive, constructive feedback on how to improve awareness and offer advice on techniques and safety. We also offer photo and video analysis of your surfing and surf theory meetings to help you progress faster and have the most fun.


The 7 Days Package

Timeline morning to night
Sunday to Sunday, 7-night accommodation package
Seven breakfasts
Five dinners
Surf Equipment
Surf equipment provided for all 7 days
Morning surf sessions
5 x 2 hour morning surf lessons
Video analysis and theory sessions
Video analysis and surf theory lessons
Rash guards and towels
Rash guards and towels provided
Tea Plantation
Tea Plantation tour
turtle conservation
Visit to Turtle Conservation and Hatchery
Film Night
Film Night
Sri Lanka cuisines
Sri Lankan Cuisine
Yoga classes
3 x 1 hour yoga session

The 3 Days Package

Sunday to Tuesday or Thursday to Sunday. We have two short stay packages to fit your needs.

• Sunday to Wednesday or Thursday to Sunday, 3-night accommodation package
• 3 breakfasts & 2 dinners
• Surf equipment provided
• 2 x 2 hour morning surf lessons
• Video analysis and surf theory lessons
• Rash guards and towels provided
• 1 x 1 hour yoga session

• Two activities depending on the start day of the week (Sunday or Thursday)
• Tea Plantation tour
• Visit to turtle conservation and hatchery
• Film Night

Exclusions / Optional Extras:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner at Fortress / Ceylon Sliders, on the two off days we don’t provide dinners